Hyde Park Residence

We revamped this bedroom for the most amazing young lady just before Covid hit.
Painted the walls in soft shades of sage and rosy pinks to add depth, then added an Ardmore Dado for some detail.
What a satisfying project this was! One of my absolute favorites! Was such a privilege to give Ruby the room she deserves.
We used fringes on the curtains to line up with the dado, stunning textures and loads of detail to create an extra special space
I always love using existing pieces to add character and personality to each project. We refurbished an old chair and had fun with a tassel fringe and deep buttoned detail.
Fit for a queen, this space turned out so well and the bunch of us had a fabulous time together.
Everyone is already enjoying this cosy space!

Residence 2

A total change of mood…homely and inviting! Well done

Thank you so much! Don’t often post clients houses but really wanted to share this one.